It is the cutting-edge health care that addresses a person as a WHOLE SYSTEM, instead of individual systems/areas looked at separately. Your health care practitioner MUST look beyond just the label of the disease. Typically in the conventional medical model (ie. drug therapy), drugs are prescribed as the first and only line of defense, without asking the more critical questions.

We use a very simple, yet results-driven approach that seeks to remove the underlying causes for each individual’s disease process – for Type II Diabetes, Thyroid Issues, Hashimoto’s (an Autoimmune Condition), Blood Sugar Balancing, Hormone Balancing, etc.. The most sophisticated tools for diagnostic testing are utilized to identify an individual's underlying causes of disease - which will be different for each person/individual. The testing is very thorough and specific.

Once the test results are received, Dr. Stone-Meyer begins to design and construct a treatment plan based on the individual's test results: Addressing the organs that are promoting inflammation in the body and causing breakdown/disruption in the body – increasing blood sugars, causing hormone imbalance, causing an immune attack, etc.

As treatment is implemented, the body begins to heal from the inside-out, and that’s when you can experience REAL RESULTS. As the healing process continues, patients notice their energy levels exploding, weight loss without exercise, blood sugars begin to decrease (diabetic-specific), headaches/migraines resolve, etc. and the need for medication decreases because the body is beginning to function as it was intended! Patients typically decrease, if not eliminate, their need for medication across the board. Type II Diabetics also realize their blood sugars can actually become more stabilized than when they were on the medications.

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